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6 Home Remedies for Sinus Infection

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he finally got the hang of itSinus infection (also called sinusitis) is a collective name for inflammation and congestion of the sinuses. It can be caused by airborne allergens, bacteria and viruses, dietary irritants like gluten and dairy, as well as artificial food additives.

In conventional medicine, doctors treat sinus infections with drugs such as antibiotics, steroids, and surgery in some cases. These methods usually come with the disadvantage of being expensive and harmful.

However, there are proven home remedies effective in the treatment of sinus infections. Unlike conventional treatment approaches, these options are safe, they leave no side effects, and they are cheap.

So, if you’re looking to cure a sinus infection without necessarily leaving the comfort of your home, the following home remedies will he of help:

  1. Drink water

Drinking plenty of water when you have a sinus infection will help to thin out mucus and drain it from your irritated sinuses. Avoid drinking alcohol, caffeine, and sugared beverages because these drinks will dehydrate your system and worsen your condition by causing your mucus to thicken and clog up your already inflamed sinuses.

If you find water too boring, you can drink tea, sugar-free juices, or clear broth. Anything aside these and water should be avoided.

  1. Eat spicy foods

During a sinus infection, your airways are congested by mucus. And to provide relief and treat the infection, you need to dissolve the excess mucus to clear your sinuses. Taking spicy foods such as cayenne pepper or horseradish mixed with apple cider vinegar and apple juice can help you dissolve mucus fast.

  1. Inhale steam

Another way to dissolve mucus from your sinuses is to inhale the steam from hot water to which Eucalyptus or peppermint oil has been added. Alternatively you can add a few drops of either oil to the water in a humidifier and then inhale for a couple of minutes.

The hot steam will help provide relief during a sinus infection by thinning out the mucus, making it flow out easily.

  1. Use grapefruit seed extract

Being a natural antibiotic, grapefruit seed extract (GSE) helps to clear out mucus and prevents the microbial colonization of weakened and inflamed sinus tissues. The extract is made from dried grapefruit seeds and ground into fine powder. It is usually administered in nasal spray form.

  1. Use apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a wonderful natural ingredient that provides several health benefits, which include alleviating the pain and congestion that come with sinus infections.

To treat sinus infection, add two to three tablespoons of raw and unfiltered apple cider vinegar to a cup of hot water to be taken three times daily. This will help thin out excessive mucus, relieve congestion, and alleviate pain.

  1. Use turmeric root

Turmeric contains curcumin, a natural anti-inflammatory substance. This spice can help loosen mucus from clogged sinuses and alleviate increased sinus pressure. It also relieves the swelling and pain that you feel when you have a sinus infection, and makes you feel better all around.

For faster results, combine turmeric with ginger root extract and brew both for hot tea.

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